There are the hard and difficult things for last 7 years, but we had a year with the great pleasure and rewarding rather than any year as the employees gathered their energies.
Particularly, we prepared the key point to realize our dream wanting to create the healthy world with propolis pursuing the our company due to the birth of the laboratory enterprise of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute as the 16th in the R&D Daeduck Innopolis.
We held the scientific events such as the 7th international naturopathic medicine symposium and propolis international specific standardization workshop very successfully.
We try to take a lead to announce a good propolis criteria by preparing the propolis international specification criteria at homeㆍabroad through the 3th World Propolis Science Forum (WPSF) being scheduled to open at Busan in this November.
This year, we will support the propolis as the new model for the high value-added food business as one of new growth engine industry to lead the future Korea by making the most of the strong point for the laboratory enterprise and developing various propolis products that the effect and the stability are proved in science in the meantime.
He had the thought to globalize with propolis in this land, the wasteland, but we will be at the centre as the enterprise playing the leading role for the world propolis scientific management now.
We express our thanks to you as we attribute this to your encouragement and the warm interest sincerely.