• 08.2011 USA FDA OTC registered (NO.76254)
    11.2010 Permitted to manufacture health functional foods (2010-Daejeonoffice-0008/KFDA)
    04.2010 Passed USA FDA safety test for water soluble propolis of Probee / Robongbang
    02.2010 ISO 9001 Certification
    07.08.2009 Approval of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute laboratory enterprise (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    05.2008 Develop the cultured fishes antibiotics ¡°Propolis Aqua¡±
    12.13.2007 Certificated as the technology innovative small and medium company (SMBA)
    05.30.2006 Selected as recommended product by "It's Daejeon" (Daejeon Metropolitan City)
    01.26.2005 Establishment of [Propolis Research Laboratory] (Chairman of Korean Industrial Technology Association)
    08.13.2004 Approval for the venture manufacturing business of the health functional food (No. 3 Korea Food &Drug Administration)
    08.09.2004 Pass American FDA safety No.10489566816
    05.13.2004 Selected as the parts and materials specialized company (Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy)
    12.09.2003 Develop the water-soluble manufacturing method [WEEP method] for the first time in Korea, publication
    08.07.2003 Confirmed as the venture Enterprise in new technology assessment
    02.23.2003 Establishment of Seoul Propolis Co., Ltd. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute BI center)
    Subsidiary company of Seoul functional food
    03.24.2001 Designated as Venture Enterprise (SMBA)
    01.08.2001 Designated as a 'Promising Small and Medium Enterprise' of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
    12.15.2000 Designated as a 'Promising Advanced Technology Enterprise' of Small and Medium Business Administration
    05.04.2000 Participate in the Korean Bio-Technology Investment Co., Ltd. promoter stock holder
    05.01.1999 Merged Seoul Aloe, Seoheung Food Co.,Ltd. to form a new company under the name of 'Seoul Functional Food Co., Ltd.'
    04.23.1997 Take over Seoheung Health [sister company of Seoheung Capsule Co., Ltd.], established Seoheung Food Co., Ltd.
    04.04.1993 Establishment of annexation Seoul Functional Food Research Center (President: Professor Oh You-jin)
    03.25.1993 Foundation of H&B News Letter
    10.02.1992 Foundation of Seoul Aloe