When we use the private car

  • There is the front door of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute if you go straight on the first light and come about 500m after appearing on North Daejeon, I.C (Daeduck Valley I.C).

When we use the public transport

  • number 133 city type (Sutong-gol-Railroad arsenal), number 185 city type (Gujeuk-dong-Dong-Gu public heath center), number 5 village bus (Gujeuk-dong-Daejeon Arts High School)
  • When you come using the public transport, you just get off in the North Daejeon I.C (Daeduck Valley I.C, Wha-Am crossroad). (Stopping place after the Daejeon Electronic high school when you come from Yu-Sung, Stopping place after Nalmangzip when you come from Gujeuk-dong. )