Mar. 2004
Business Registration(Seodaejeon Tax Office)
May. 2004
Certificate of 'Parts and Material Specialized Company'
(Minister, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy).
Aug. 2004
Business Permit No. 2004-0003(KFDA)
Aug. 2004
Passed in the standard specification test of US FDA,
and registration of the factory (No.10489566816)
Dec. 2005
K-mark Certification, KTL-CB-05044(Korea Testing
Laboratory, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Jan. 2006
Open and Aboveboard Management Certification(Kibo
Technology Fund)
Apr. 2006
Report of manufacturing item, health functional food(KFDA).
Aug. 2006
Registration of feed ingredients - registration
No.IIB5F0001, 0002(Daejeon Metropolitan City)
Dec. 2007
Technology Innovation Small and Medium Business
(Inno-Biz) Certification(SMBA)